Friday, July 18, 2008


The Untold Story of Genghis Khan is not getting enough love. If for nothing else, see this movie for the stunning cinematography and exquisite landscapes and vistas captured by Sergei Bodrov and company on the real steppes of Mongolia.

Or the subtle acting by Tadanobu Asano and non-Hollywood look at the life of a conqueror.

Or the stunningly non-CGI battle scenes.

The 'rediscovery' of The Secret History of the Mongols and their scholarly assessment and subsequent publications has led to a renewed interest in the Mongols and the rise of Genghis Khan in western popular culture.

Skip that boring Hollywood crap like Hancock and Hellboy and go see a fantastic film.


Ricky Grove said...

Yes! You are the second person to recommend this film. I'm there. Thank you.

bllius said...

NP! Hope you enjoy it.

Overman said...

Saw this very recently, enjoyed it immensely. An excellent film.