Wednesday, January 30, 2008

More 3D Software - ZenCub3d

Some tutorials for an alpha or tech demo release (wtf releases tutorials for alpha releases?) for a new 3D animation software called ZenCub3d popped up on YouTube. The style is very cartoonish.


According to the site, the software is free, but only for closed alpha testing. Is this another company entering the 'machinima /animation software' melee?


thinking.cactus said...

Wow, didn't realise we'd get blogged about so soon, but thanks dude. I'm one of the guys behind ZenCub3d. Please excuse the British spelling, we're from New Zealand.

Yeah, we did make video tutorials for the alpha version, since (I hope this doesn't sound like a plug) user support is very important for us, we want to look after our testers too. Also for the chance to be blogged about ahead of release date, maybe?? :)

To answer your questions, yes the software will be free, and will stay free as we make new releases, and yes, we're entering the melee, and we should be moving into public beta within a month's time, please watch this space.

An earlier experimental animation done with ZenCub3d:

bllius said...

NP. Looks like you got your wish. I'm used to British spelling (Canadian). Always wanted to visit New Zealand (must be nice this time of year).

It will be interesting to see how this software turns out. I really like the cartoony nature of it.

Best of luck.

thinking.cactus said...

Thanks. Yeah, other than being bloody hot right now(relatively to a month ago), NZ is a nice place to be.