Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Virtual World Documentary

Two documentaries I found out about recently, both having to do with virtual worlds.

This trailer for "Second Skin", is about some of the interesting events going on in virtual worlds (dating, addiction, gold farming, etc.). The trailer shows a lot of scenes from World of Warcraft.

This series, "Wonderland", from the BBC is about cheating in a virtual world (seems to be about Second Life).

Virtual worlds are beginning to have a very real impact on other media. The topic of virtual worlds is becoming more frequent in broadcast television (let alone cable TV) and not just in journalistic or documentary settings. I've now seen several episodes of sitcoms or copudramas referring to SL or WoW.

I can see where this is going


Pineapple Pictures said...

Where (is it going?) Kate

bllius said...

Where do you?

IMHO, it's possible that virtual worlds will become an extremely dominant media form along with gaming itself.

Dominant media because it attracts the players/viewers, which will attract advertising, which is a much larger industry than gaming, and when those carrots are dangled in front of the gaming companies, well, look out.