Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Twenty-five years after that Disney movie with ground-breaking special effects (and a lack lustre story), Tron is going to come to the big screen again. It sounds like it will be a sequel.

1982. So long ago. There was still a cold war on, Reagan was president, and I was playing on an Atari 2600, or maybe a Colecovision, or more likely, playing Donkey Kong (the first time Mario ever appeared!) in the arcade. The Commodore64 came out.

Basically, how are they going to redo this story (or make a sequel) now that we have virtual worlds, gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry, eSports is catching on, machinima is everywhere and the idea of entering a computer is sort of ho-hum (The Matrix Trilogy, eXistenZ, The Truman Show, etc.) is a question I have to ask.

Bigger fancier effects? Light cycles in 3 dimensions? Enormous grid bugs?

The director (Kosinski) has also apparently signed on to redo Logan's Run? Hmmm...but David Fincher was the one who noticed him.

I guess I'll take a wait and see approach.

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