Saturday, July 28, 2007

Saturday Roundup

MySpace holds a contest, "The Storyteller Challenge", with a chance for videomakers to make it big in Hollywood. Rupert Murdoch trying to do an end run around the looming Writer's Guild strike?

CBS to broadcast the WSVG tournament starting this Sunday. How the commentators will manage to convey the complexity of games like WoW to a mainstream audience will surely be entertaining.

The Blade Runner final cut will have 5 different versions (and what a fantastic box set - I know what I want for Christmas).

NewTeeVee talks about filmmaking techniques. At least putting a name to the techniques if you did not already know what they were (so you can appear educated to your webfriends).

Madden 2008 will feature in-game ads.

Bollywood is coming to video games. At least in India.

This flashlight animation for a Sprint commercial is pretty interesting.

The guys who posted all those diet Coke and Mentos videos on Revver have made nearly $30 000 in ad sharing revenue (Mentos is the exclusive advertiser). Watch has hordes try to replicate the phenomenon with other junk food experiments.

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