Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Forget This Presidential Debate Garbage

Shiny baubles for the masses. Forget the two minute (or 90 second, or 45 second) carefully crafted, 'stay on message', televangelist used car salesman speeches.

No, I did not watch the debates. No I will not. No I don't care what they had to say (through focus groups, and political advisers, and polled results, blah, blah, blah). Does any of it really matter? We damn well know that what they say now to get elected is likely not what they will do once they get elected (and the bloody world will be different in 18 months anyways).

I would be far more interested in seeing how these candidates perform. Under stressful situations. A test so to speak.

I want to see the presidential candidates play video games. A lot of games. All of it televised so we can analyze them. Think of it as an actually useful reality TV show.

I want to see the candidates play GTA, just to see how they react. I want to see them manage a raid into The Black Temple in WoW (or whatever the toughest dungeon is). I want to know if they choose the light or the dark side in Knights of the Old Republic. Can they survive a nuclear war in Defcon? Can they handle a taunting idiot in Counterstrike? Will their Sims2 character manage to bathe themselves all the while managing a burgeoning career while pimping out their new pad? Can they solve the mysteries in Myst? Can they stick the damn Babel fish into their ear?

I don't want to know what they have to say. I want to know how they react. In real time. With a million pixels all screaming for their attention.

Can they handle it?


Overman said...

Great concept! I'd watch that.

bllius said...