Saturday, June 09, 2007

A Few More Things

A few minor things to post on Saturday:


1. Interview with Rooster Teeth from The Globe and Mail.
2. Did anyone catch the BBC show "Virtual World, Real Millions" last week? Supposedly also shown in Second Life (via GamePolitics).


1. I do not get this one at all: Pupino's Day: Bertha, girls, Hollywood and dance! I like it though.
2. Adventures of Mandy. Second Life to Third Life? Amusing, with some inside jokes.
3. Strange and not very well done student film using UT2004 and MovieSandBox. Player One.
4. From the maker of "Jimmy: The World of Warcraft Story" comes Time Gnomes (via
5. G4TV Splinter Cell Co-op Theater 1.
6. I also don't get this film, which appears to be another student film: Machinima Oatmeal.
7. A recurring trend, another student film, which is more entertaining, but unfortunately I believe they get some of the physics wrong: xXxMeatloafxXx's Physics Project, Machinima Style.
8. (via Wow Insider). From Oxhorn who did ROFLMAO! (see previous post).

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