Monday, April 02, 2007

Musical Machinima

For some reason I've found a lot of music videos done in machinima lately. Here's some of the better ones.

1. Overman's excellent rendition of Nine Inch Nail's Only. Interestingly, NIN appears to have some sort of Alternate Reality Game (ARG) going on.
2. Haven't seen this piano piece from Pierce before, but it's fairly odd. Some animation/machinima and some real footage from TV shows? If anyone could enlighten me as to the significance of this one, I'd be much appreciated.
3. Micahel Jackson vs. Ronald McDonald trailer done in Serious Sam. Bizarre?
4. Second Life News VAMTV parody of Reuters in SL. Humorous.
5. They Might Be Giants "Robot Parade" in Sims2. OK.
6. ROFLMAO! in WoW to a famous tune.
7. Decemberists - Summersong - also in WoW.
8. Maiko in Sims2 - well done video of some Bjork songs.
Fehlfarben "Politdisko" in The Movies (I think). German music vid.

This has nothing to do with machinima, but it's a Monty Python/Star Trek mashup of "The Knights of Camelot", so how can it lose?

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