Tuesday, May 15, 2007

iClone vs. Moviestorm


In the red corner - iClone movie "The Case of the Missing Plot".

And in the blue corner - Moviestorm film "The Dirty Dishes".

No hitting below the belt.

Of course this is silly, but so are both videos. Moviestorm is still in beta. Recent news suggests a free version will be available. Will iClone be forced to follow suit. Either way, it is a grand time to be a machinimist with such a wealth of software available to content creators.

I am curious, though, if there will be any other entries in this niche market (although I doubt it will be a niche for long). Something from Apple? Microsoft? Blender is already open source. Adobe? Google? Now there's an idea.

Check out both YouTube users for more:


Anonymous said...

Any idea on:
a) what the total installed cost of each was to make? (including any special addons for iClone post production tools, sfx add ins and the costs of any modded assets)

b) how long they took to make? (including the time to create any custom models, backdrops, etc)

c) what codecs they are rendered in? (looks like they both suffer from being repeatedly compressed then turned in flash video)

I'd like to see this comparison done in a few months time as well

bllius said...


a) no idea of the total cost
b) again, no idea
c) no

Perhaps email the creators directly for that info.

Paul said...

Hello, This is Paul Louis, the creator of the iClone movie, "The Case of the Missing Plot". I only used iClone version 2.0 to make the film. The program cost about $179, ...can't recall. It took me about 10 hours to make over a month long period. For YOUTUBE I had to render it in a small WMV file. I personally hate the way it looks on YOUTUBE. But a longer version of the fil, converted from AVI to a much clearer WMV file, can be seen at http://one.revver.com/watch/261818
Thanks for your questions. Gonna make the next episode, so I'll see ya in 10 hours, :).......

bllius said...

Hi Paul. So all content came from in iClone? No external tools for models, textures, etc.?

Paul said...

That's correct. No other programs for the 3d animation. But I did use Cool Edit Pro to edit my audio, and Photoshop for titles. I also edited in Adobe Premiere. But I used the iClone building blocks that come with the program, to make many of the accessories and props, like the telephone, the hats, and even the female character's, um,.... boobs (can I say "boobs" here?).

bllius said...

Very interesting. I might have to check these programs out.

You can say whatever you want here. The WWW (wild wild west).

Kkffoo said...

Quality of this one looks hideous on youtube.. can't remember why- orginal render files available uncompressed now so quality of render pretty much depends on your system and what you do with the files.
Cost nothing to make and took a day.
This was a pivot test, there are multiple occasions where the puppets walk-pivot-walk (pivot is another word for turn). I was trying to see if the turning action could be speeded up by the user in any way.
The team have reset the pivot animation now to include a slide/glide action midway, this speeds things up.