Wednesday, April 18, 2007

What's This? - More Apocalyptic Visions? And VGI?


There's a discussion going on over at MPREM about this.


Trolling through some search results I see this video from Simanticus Studios. Having never heard of them, I click on the link to watch the short video trailer for something called Apocalypse Syndrome (lot of these apocalyptic videos these days - zeitgeist?).

It's very well done, and I enjoyed it so much I went to their website in the hopes of finding more information or other projects. What I found intrigued me though, and I have not seen anyone else talk about this before.

First of all the movie they are making is supposedly full length:

What would YOU do when your life --- and your world, suffers a global mental and spiritual pandemic called...



The next thing I found really made me curious:
The VGI certification board is currently a twelve member team from various motion picture and television production backgrounds. They rate, though in several categories, but based on one simple criteria, the USABILITY of a machinima production for television and/or theatre use. That is what the certification is for.
Say what? Has anyone heard of this?

The whole site is designed poorly (perhaps on purpose?). There are some interesting things buried in there including an interview with the producer which I have not yet had time to read and perhaps some ARG elements (alternate reality game). Not sure what to make of it, but if anyone else has more info, let me know.


Overman said...

Your timing is uncanny. This thread summarizes what is known, for the most part:

bllius said...

Do you ever sleep?

Perfect example of the swath of information. I searched to see if the site had been cited by any blogs, but that doesn't find forum links.
Blogs, forums, comments, chat rooms...argh.

Anyways...has anyone contacted these people yet?

Overman said...

Yeah, a couple of us have. Details in the thread, which has gotten quite long.

Patrick said...

Today and tomorrow only you can watch the opening sequence and set up for scene one of feature length machinima production, APOCALYPSE SYNDROME.

Go to:

Go to VIDEO PDA and click on TRAILERS, type AK47 in the code box.

This is my way of saying thanks for your brief review.

Patrick Damian