Thursday, April 19, 2007

Two Video Links - Haloid - Super Mario Frustration

Everyone's taking about Haloid, a mix of Halo and Metroid and The Matrix that is technically very well done. All style.

And this video (Super Mario Bros. Frustration) just brings back warm memories. WARNING - adult language saturates this from beginning to end. It's an unbelievably long (23+ min.) of someone attempting a hacked/modded level in Super Mario that is breathtaking in it's cruelty. For all that, it's almost amusing, if you can consider sadomasochistic level design amusing. Funny that I feel empathy for the player/narrator though.

Comparing the two is revealing in that we see the enormous jump in graphics from what seems like ages ago (but it was only the 80's) when Nintendo dominated to today's multi million dollar triple-A games. Gameplay-wise, I'm not sure much has evolved in that same time frame. As to the videos themselves, as I noted above, I felt empathy in the second, while in the first I was simply wowed by the technical achievements, and nothing more.


Ross Scott said...

Yeah I had a similar reaction to the Haloid video, amazing technically, but felt kind of hollow otherwise, especially since several scenes were ripped directly from the Matrix. But seeing as how it has massive stylized violence, Master Chief, Samus, anime-ish girls in skin tight clothing, and lesbian overtones, I'm sure it will be lauded online as the greatest video ever made.

The Mario one was kind of a one-horse trick, but I was laughing the entire time. My favorite part was "aha, got through on a technicality! (jumps) DE-FAULT!"

bllius said...

I believe it already is from the Halo sector/console world on the net.

The Mario video is like Mystery Science Theater 3000.