Tuesday, November 21, 2006

More Machinima Festival Coverage

On machinima.com and machinima premiere there were links to two articles about the 2006 machinima festival. Gamasutra has a fairly comprehensive article, with two short interviews, one with Chris Burke from This Spartan Life and another with Matt Dominianni from Trash Talk (Ill Clan) tacked on to the end. The article on Renderosity is written by guest columnist gToon (Ricky Grove) and is shorter than the one on Gamasutra but covers the major topics.

On a completely different note. There is a short clip about the World Series of Video Games made by MTV. It's fairly superficial, and definitely does not get into any depth when talking about the players or the games being played competitively, but it might be a decent introduction to someone who has never heard of or seen anything with regards to the competitive scene.

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