Thursday, November 23, 2006

LA Time Article on Machinima

Stuffed with turkey yet? (I had fish, nothing traditional this year).

There's an article on the machinima festival on the LA Time site. LA, the home of Hollywood and big movie and television studios. Hmmm...wonder if any network/film studio bigwigs have read this.

The Guardian has a short article on guerilla filmmaking with some links and an unbelievably short how-to at the end (ridiculously short, as in 1. write script, 2. film movie, 3. edit. 4. accept Oscar).

A new film from Britannica Dreams called the Snow Witch has been released. It's based on a Japanese fairy tale about a Snow Witch.

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Watching football over the last week, I saw an ad for a contest wherein anybody can pitch an idea for a superbowl ad (potentially eligibile, may be made into a commercial, may be shown at Superbowl XLI, yada yada yada). How far is the DIY culture going to go? Now the big corporations are asking for ideas from the people watching the shows in the first place. So basically consumers are advertising to other consumers. How about we just eliminate the middle man in the first place? (speaking of which, the amount of advertising being shown during a normal football game is astronomical, but I suppose that's why the NFL is a multibillion dollar a year industry).

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