Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A Few Interesting Tidbits

This post will just be a collection of items that may or may not be newsworthy:

1. PS3 to allow users to record gameplay footage. Look for a massive tidal wave of console-based machinima. Let me guess, they can only upload to Sony's proprietary website?
2. IBM to use Second Life to host town hall meeting about spending large sums of money on new business incubators. Is SL going to be the place to have new PR events? Will the White House Press Room move into SL?
3. Oh yah, the World Cyber Games finished in Italy (the olympics of video game tournaments). It sounds like it was poorly organized. Surprise winners of the CS touranment were Pentagram from Poland while Korea took the overall championship (and the US did very poorly). It looks like there was very poor media coverage at this event, which is a shame. Perhaps the upcoming CPL Winter event will actually be watchable on the web (without having to use Half Life TV?). Sponsors need to start pressing these organizations hard for some sort of decent media coverage otherwise what's the point of sponsorship.

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