Monday, April 16, 2012

48 Hour Machinima

The Project 48 Machinima (is it the 48 Hour Project - Machinima - actually what is the relationship between the various entities I am still not sure) took place a few weekends ago, and the awards ceremony was Saturday night. Unfortunately, due to the need to include Europe and Australia, it took place at 11 PM PST, which means 2 AM EST.

Like the Oscars, it went long, so at 5:30 AM I turned the computer off.

Chantal and Phalyen hosted and the full set of awards were given out at the end.

The big winner of the night was Oblivious Films – Crueler Heads Prevail, which won the big $3000 aussie cash prize and the oppurtunity to screen in Las Vegas. The Australian winners were  Zardoz Carwash – Imperative.

Great set of films, with Second Life being the most predominant platform.

My film Used, is here, shot in Muvizu - a platform I downloaded the week before, so I spent most of the week doing tutorials, and a good part of the actual 48 hours struggling with the software, so I am impressed I got anything made.

Public Version

Private Version
A fun night even if it went far too late. Here's some screens of the awards ceremony.

Phaley and Chantal - hosts

This movie involves a notorious criminal

Mockumentary on Giant Impact Television

These two are about to be transformed.

The old west makes an appearance.

As does the far future.

The dog was fantastic.

Somehow Hathead wrote an award-winning song that was both funny and told a great story, and was  well sung and played!

The other Used Car storyline involves one creepy dude.

I am a sucker for silhouettes

Blockland makes an appearance

Opening shot from award winner Crueler Heads Prevail

Tony Dyson - R2D2 creator and judge could not be there in person but sent his love (or motivational speech about never giving up)

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