Saturday, November 05, 2011

Handful of Hallowe'en Horror

Handful of Hallowe'en Horror

Tucker and  Dale vs. Evil
Frat kids travel to West Virginia only to meet crazy hillbillies. OR, perfectly harmless country folk are harassed by suicidal college kids. Only you can decide the truth. I wanted to catch this at SXSW but missed it.

Dead Snow
Norway. Dead. Nazi. Zombies. Snow. Lots and lots of snow.
This horror film follows some typical genre tropes, in fact reveling in some of them, but some of the scenes are very fun and impressive, especially all that costume and makeup in the snow. I can't imagine how long it took to  do some of those scenes. May have to see the how did they do that behind the scenes at some point.

Earth. Sister Planet. Armageddon.
Lars von Trier delivers an utter embrace of despair starting an impressive Kirsten Dunst who takes home an acting award from Cannes after the director is excommunicated due to his big mouth.. It is unfortunate that some of the bet ten minutes of cinema I have seen in a long time are split by 2 hours of rather pedestrian cinema. Watch back to back with the Tree of Life for true trip.

 Gets under my skin:
The Skin I live In
Almovodar directs a horror/thriller that is unfortunately weak. This thing is full of poor decisions. Revenge? Sadism? Infatuation? Megalomaniacal?  A lot of it makes little sense. The great thing is it stars one of the most beautiful actresses in a long time in Elena Anaya. Unfortunately....

Oldie but goodie:
Bruce Campbell vs. Army of Darkness 
Some additional scenes that were cut from the US distribution and great commentary from Rami and Campbell. And hey, that Henry the Red guy kicks ass.


Richard Grove said...

Good collection of films. The Von Trier film looks particularly interesting. I'd add "Tale of Two Sisters" by Korean director Jee-Woon Kim. And an all time favorite with Vincent Price, "Witchfinder General".

Well, I don't know about that Henry the Red guy. I hear he's full of shit. But that's just my opinion.

bllius said...

He also did "I Saw The Devil" which I did not like at all.

I will have to check out the Price film.

Richard Grove said...

I saw the Devil is nothing like Tale of Two Sisters. Believe me, it's a masterpiece of horror. give it a try.