Sunday, March 27, 2011

Certified Copy

Sometimes when watching a movie, it's obvious when a scene is the focus of plot, or character development, or setting. However, in the hands of a master, all of those technical details recede and you realize that the brush strokes, real or fake, disappear, and you only see the whole masterpiece before you.

Kiarostami's Certified Copy is exactly such a movie. A pleasure to watch, especially after the last several movies that I had seen that were so laden with obvious intent as to seem the feverish workings of used car salesmen desperately trying to unload a carlot full of lemons.

Enigmatic, the twists that are revealed are never certified to be true. Certainties bring questions. Questions never bring answers. Statements made earlier are true, then false, then true again.

Juliete Binoche wins best actress at Cannes. At least that much appears to be true.

This is my first taste of Kiarostami and I need to see more.

Certified Copy at Indiewire.

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