Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fair Game

Caught "Fair Game", about the Valerie Plame affair where her role as an undercover CIA operative is leaked to the press by the White House after her husband, ambassador Joe Wilson, exposed the lies surrounding the supposed purchase of uranium yellow cake from Niger by Iraq.

Considering this is a pretty big David vs. Goliath story, I felt the movie was a little pedestrian. There are some decent performances by Naomi Watts (Plame) and Sean Penn (Joe Wilson) but no real risk taking and some very cliche moments. Still, this is an important movie (watch it back to back with "The Most Dangerous Man in America" about Daniel Ellsberg and The Pentagon Papers during the Nixon administration).

The cool part is both Plame and Wilson were in the audience and gave a heated Q&A afterwards, including attempts by some audience members to do a character assassination (which clearly failed miserably).

Funny how the two most heated discussions I've seen this year after movies were about politics.

Fair Game (imdb).

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