Monday, August 30, 2010

All About Evil

Is a campy horror movie in the tradition of midnight horror films everywhere. Not a perfect movie by any stretch, but it does nicely thread it's way between outright ridiculous extreme and corny melodrama. A librarian inherits a local cinema from her recently deceased father, famous for his taste in horror films. The woman, Deborah Tennis, begins showcasing homemade horror movies of her own. Unlike Be Kind Rewind, there is no possibility of a sequel for the actors in these horror shorts, which quickly become popular with the locals, including a high school student who loves horror films and dreams of one day becoming an animation artist named Steven. The ending with Steven and Deborah wraps up the film nicely.

The campiness was fully brought to life by the fact that the director goes by the alter ego of Peaches Christ, a drag queen from San Francisco, who also makes more cameo appearances in the film than Hitchcock in his entire filmography and has some of the best one-liners since Schwarzenegger.

The full song and dance number put on by Peaches and many of the actors in the movie before the screening made it a highlight.

All About Evil

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