Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cory Doctorow - For The Win & Copyright Issues

Managed to see Cory Doctorow twice during a book tour promoting his latest novel, For The Win (of which I now have a signed copy), about gold farmers in a virtual MMORPG organizing as a union. The first was at a Baltimore book store where he gave a reading and then a Q&A with the audience that was highly entertaining.

The second was at the New American Foundation for a lecture on copyright and another long Q&A.

Video embed below.

Although often introduced as a prolific blogger (from Boing Boing) and novelist, his public speaking is extremely engaging. His energy when discussing issues around science fiction, copyright issues, creative commons, and corporate control of creativity is impressive.

Almost politic.

Cory for Prime Minister?

P.S. He mentioned that Fred Lohmann from EFF had moved to Google? I remember Fred's lecture on copyright issues at the 2006 New York Machinima Festival.

Now all I have to see is author Neal Stephenson and I will have seen a quartet of cool scribblers.

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Overman said...

How awesome! Cory's one of the people I'd jump at the chance to hear speak. I'm more than a little jealous.