Saturday, May 29, 2010

Was Lost Worth It?

Six seasons of a mysterious island, airwrecked survivors, mysterious happenings.

Was Lost worth it?

I am asking since I stopped watching in season 3 as it was delving into a far too deep and ridiculous rabbit hole, although I have to congratulate a TV show that does not get canceled and where the finale is controlled by the creators.

The last episode aired last weekend.

Is it worth it to go back and catch lost episodes (no pun intended)?

BTW, here's JJ Abrams on TED discussing mystery boxes.


Gnasche said...

There are many good episodes throughout. You don't have to look at the series as a whole to appreciate it. Just enjoy the moments.

If you don't mind jumping to season five to see one of the best hours of television last year, watch The Constant. All episodes of Lost are available on ABC's website in HD.

bllius said...

Interesting - the screenwriters said that was one of the most difficult episodes.

Kate Fosk and Michael R. Joyce said...

I'm following my usual pattern, let everyone else watch it, then, when it appears on cable five years later if people are still talking about it, I watch it. Saves a lot of time -Kate

bllius said...

Interesting method...don't have cable, but there's always the DVD set.