Monday, May 10, 2010

How To Train Your Dragon And Other 3D Things

I heard a lot about this movie so decided to check it out. Not bad. Not perfect either, but at least it felt like the filmmakers were actually trying, something that occurs in decreasing frequency these days. I watched the 3D version and found that it does not try to assault your senses like Avatar does, but that's fine.

It's better than Avatar in many other ways (like a story, characters that matter, coherence, etc.).
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Saw about a billion trailers too:
Shrek Forever After - the 4th - time travel? blech.
Toy Story 3 - Disney cashes in.
Despicable Me - Evil Genius type and 3 orphan girls = hilarity? This actually piqued my interest.
Legend of the Guardians - Apparently someone realized they could render feathers with such amazing accuracy that they decide to base an entire movie around the concept. I couldn't tell if I was looking at demo, a documentary, or a animated fictional movie.
Megamind - More Evil Genius. Nothing like a fad.

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