Sunday, December 06, 2009

Machinima Expo Footage

UPDATE* Embeds below.

As mentioned here before, footage from the recent Machinima Expo 2009.

Note, this is raw footage (compressed - but the file size is still very large). Unedited. I put no effort to enhance the production value. In fact, the Overcast video clip has a severe flaw half way through that renders the video useless. It is likely that the audio Phil released solely for the Overcast section is better than the raw footage below. (There were technical difficulties, and drops due to Second Life or Fraps issues (not sure which). Sound goes from quiet to too loud, and my in-world camerawork is messy.

Uploaded both audio (mp3 - 44K, 128Kbps) and video (mp4 640X360) to megaupload. You have to enter codes for each download, and then wait.

Let me know if there are any problems.


Audio MP3s

Expo Intro To Women In Machinima - Expo_intro.mp3
Women in Machinima - Expo_womeninmachinima.mp3
Overcast - Expo_overcast.mp3
iClone Presentation - Expo_iclone.mp3
Opensim Presentation -Expo_opensim.mp3
Valve Source Presentation - Expo_source.mp3
Moviestorm Presentation To End - Expo_moviestorm.mp3

Video MP4s

Expo Intro To Women In Machinima - Expo_intro_half.mp4

Machinima Expo 2009 Introduction from bllius 69 on Vimeo.

Women in Machinima - Expo_womeninmachinima_half.mp4

Machinima 2009 Women In Machinima Panel from bllius 69 on Vimeo.

Overcast - Expo_overcast_half.mp4
iClone Presentation - Expo_iclone_half.mp4

Machinima Expo 2009 iClone Presentation from bllius 69 on Vimeo.

Opensim Presentation -Expo_opensim_half.mp4

Machinima Expo 2009 Opensim Presentation from bllius 69 on Vimeo.

Valve Source Presentation - Expo_source_half.mp4

Machinima Expo 2009 Valve Source Presentation from bllius 69 on Vimeo.

Moviestorm Presentation To End - Expo_moviestorm_half.mp4

Machinima Expo 2009 Moviestorm Presentation from bllius 69 on Vimeo.

Wrap-up and Post

Machinima Expo 2009 Wrap-Up And Post from bllius 69 on Vimeo.


Russell Boyd said...

Hey, great thanks :)

Would you mind if I put the opensim presentation with Kate and me on vimeo so I can embed it in my blog? All credit given. No worries if not.

bllius said...

Either I'll try and upload it to vimeo, or Phil will, although he's been having problems.

bllius said...

Got this one up.

Russell Boyd said...

Cheers, and thanks again.