Monday, November 09, 2009

Paranormal Activity

This movie is an independent filmmaker's dream scenario.

Take your own house. Remodel it a bit. Spend time finding the two actors that are perfect for the part. Shoot a movie in 7 days using claustrophobic handheld camerawork and very simple and effective lighting.


The box office is approaching $100 million. Made for what is routinely reported as $25 K, this film has become the most profitable independent film ever.

A Blair Witch Project for 2009.

A sequel has already been announced.

The film is constructed simply and yet is very effective. With only two main characters, a newlywed couple that are investigating paranormal activity by recording the events, a camera (which almost becomes a character), and realistic dialog, the film forces the viewer along for a very uncomfortable ride. The suspense builds very effectively not by showing everything, or using the hyper-editing style that is favored by those with ADHD, but by simple leaving the camera still and using very effective sound to use the viewer's imagination against them (the sound design is impressive). Hitchcock would have been impressed.

Recommended both as entertainment and as a lesson.

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