Wednesday, November 25, 2009

One Man's Eight Year Journey To Make An Animated Short

What a fascinating tale on the trials, tribulations, and obsessive compulsive disorders required to make a short animated film. Starting last century and continuing for eight years, this story is a warning to those who want to make an animation with original art assets. Perhaps told to small children before they go to bed.

Trailer for the film.

The short won Best Animation at the LA International Short Film Festival.


Richard Grove said...

8 years? Amazing dedication. Well, you can see the hand-made crafting all over the film. The tech is amazing, but music/story are derivative of Pixar/Disney type animation. With all that time, couldn't he have created a more original story?

BTW, mdotstrange's full length film "heart string marionette" will be completed in about 2 years, so it's possible to do full length by yourself in a shorter time if you are well-organized.

bllius said...

Read the making of. You can see why.

And I think a lot of the time was spent rendering on old hardware or technical difficulties.

Richard Grove said...

For some reason, I missed his big wonderful write up of the process (I'll be passing that link around pronto) and after reading it, I see what you are saying. He created the film "to improve my job prospects", so using a generic plot is absolutely right for that goal.

thanks again for posting this. Very interesting stuff.

Richard Grove said...

Just ordered the DVD from Australia's $17 including shipping. Lots of extras on the disc. Very nice.

bllius said...

Lol, well tell us how it turns out.

The making of is the most fascinating part.