Monday, October 26, 2009

Science Meet Fiction - Fiction Meet Science

And thus was born an illicit coupling.

The bastard offspring of science fiction have already begun to grow and divide into new forms, perhaps even engaging in new incestuous relationships amongst themselves. Yet still, the bourgeois elements of the fiction family look down their noses at 'those people'. Those people being science fiction writers.

Why must a science fiction writer persist in proclaiming that they still belong to the great family of fiction? As if the blue blood of pen to paper must be declared. As if the documents must be in order when the secret police knock at the door. Even when that writer is of the highest caliber. Perhaps exactly because they are so?

Justification of purpose? Of intent? Secret societies where the handshake is everything?

Strange, is it not, that in the 21st century that this odd mix must still be justified. Even when it has succeeded far beyond its heritage. The success coming not in self congratulatory prizes nor even in aristocratic awards and medals granted by those 'who know better'.

No, the justification is in the sheer weight and heft of the fan base.

Perhaps that's why?

Regardless, please stop wasting everyone's time telling us that science fiction is just like normal fiction.

You know, the kind that serious adults read.

Such a tired argument...

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