Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fascinating Back And Forth On Rights Management

The Electronic Frontier Foundation EFF criticizes Burning Man for how rights to imagery are controlled by Burning Man (the large scale techno-pagan festival of free expression and art that takes place at Black Rock City every year).

The Burning Man rebuts saying they are just protecting everyone.

There is a lot of information on rights management and any single person, creative or not, watcher or not, who has any interest in this should read both posts. In this era of ubiquitous reality capture it begs the question: who controls any image made of you?

Although these two posts mostly talk about digital image rights, the fact is, that any digital copy of you or your information is reflected in this. Health, insurance, your DNA sequence. All of it.

As always, The Onion presents it best.

Let the disinformation wars begin.

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