Sunday, April 05, 2009

Machinima Info Barf #22


Oops, slipped to a month. Lots of people read these. Few comments? Is it worth it?
I killed the MIB collection list on the sidebar. Just do a google search on the blog.


Machinima News:

The Overcast is...over.
MFD talks about women who have changed machinima for Ada Lovelace's day.
Othercinema covers machinima.
Filefront closed. Oops maybe not?
Moviewood3 is out.


Online Machinima Film Festival finalists. Looks like no online awards ceremony this year.
Mod of the year awards.
Weblog 2009 award winners announced.
Script Frenzy.
The Steam Awards celebrates online video.

Video Game/Virtual World News:

Java4K games. Minimum size, maximum fun.
The Path from Tale of Tales (makers of The Graveyard) looks like it follows their quirky indie game sense. The Escapist review.
Play Immortal Cities Nile Online.
Instant Action brings Tribes to web browser.
OnLive streams video games via the web. The big differences here appears to be that they are streaming the visuals and not requiring users to download anything more than a 1 Mb application. Is the web browser the new console?
Introversion talks.

Machinima/Video Clips:

The Cassiopeia Projects gives away HD science videos for your benefit. The ones on the solar system and space are impressive.
It really is a system of (pneumatic) tubes.
Dante's Inferno trailer.
This animated video, Khoda, composed of 6000 individual paintings is impressive. The music less so.
Nanotechnology is going to eat you.
Comedy sketches retold by famous directors.
Terror of golf course. Weird. Japanese. Usually I'm just worried about water hazards.
This short animated clip is minimalistic story telling at its best.
This animated Evil Nine video (Crooked) is amusing.
Don't Forget is a great animated clip.
Til Sunrise is a 10 min. Brazilian animation.
Animation based on Braid creator's discussion about game as cheap drugs.
Mykonos stop motion animation.
The Trailer for Avatar? Aliens?

Digital Online Video/Cinema/Imaging:

The BBC has a piece on 3D cinema (Monsters v. Aliens is in 3D).
More 3D news.
'Blank' movie director puts up torrent. Beats pirates at own game.
The Big Picture does robots.
Who wouldn't love to use these miniature cities to film in.
Causes of color. Explanations abound.
Speedcine is a list of legal feature length movies available online.
Cyborg nation adds another to its citizen list. Wired covers the prosthetic camera implant.
Creating a graphic novel.
Time magazine has photos of Detroit's horrible decline. Is that the future for all?
Pirate Bay documentary.
AV Geeks has over 20 000 old school and 16 mm educational films available. Want to know how teenagers learned about sex education in 1975? Here's your answer.
Understanding the financial crisis through visualization.
Participatory films.
Movie recommendation engines. I still use Netflix almost exclusively.
If you took a single image and compressed it via the jpeg algorithm 600X, what would be the result?
Ansel Adams talks about the key to photography.


A guide to sound effects.
Beware the new food chain.
How we tell stories.
Aviary's terms of use are brilliantly and succinctly explained.
Blender tutorial.
60 free 3D model sites.
Christy Denas has Alternate Reality Games.
Commissioning for attention.
Ah Pook Is Here looks like it would have been a fantastic graphical/visual/novel/short story from William S. Burroughs and Malcolm NcNeil. Animated version of Ah Pool on YouTube. More Burroughs at Ubu and the Archive.


TMUnderground said...

I always enjoying perusing these blog posts - thanks for all the handy links!

Overman said...

Me too, don't stop 'em. You find so much I miss on my own.

Keep up the good work!