Monday, March 23, 2009

Apparently Machinima Is Still Cool

And the fad just won't die. Two examples:

Waltz With Bashir used animation for most of the length of the documentary. Perhaps they should have done a mixed format like this machinima "The Rescue Of The Lost Battalion" which utilizes footage from the Go For Broke National Education Center along with machinima clips from The Movies.

Noted because the makers will be at this upcoming conference in LA.

The other is a combination of the Max Payne story and World of Warcraft into a 25 minute machinima made by Blackhand Pictures.


Max Payne - Noir Undercity Prologue from Varath on Vimeo.

Episode 1:

Max Payne - Noir Undercity Chapter 1: The Darkness Inside from Varath on Vimeo.

It's even got the self referential film noir clips playing on the TVs that were inside the game Max Payne! Great fun! I haven't seen the Max Payne movie, but this is probably much better.

I'm telling you, this thing has got legs.

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