Saturday, February 14, 2009

Machinima Info Barf #19


Machinima News:

Antics3D -> Scene Systems and LiveFrame.
I noted ZenCub3d is taking a sabbatical.
EEF talks about the recent YouTube witchhunt. Isn't it funny that it was the music industry that becomes the problem, not the game industry. After you get bored reading about the RIAA, read this ccMixter memoir (long pdf).
Bailey migrates towards casual video tools.
treadster media forges their own path.


GTAIV Best in Class 2 winners.
Gimme Credit screenplay competition.
Oscar shorts nominees.
Holland animation festival.
Machiniwhat movie competition.

Video Game/Virtual World News:

The global game jam sounded like fun. Perhaps a global machinima jam is needed?
The top ten money making MMOs. You can guess #1, but what about the rest? Note, at least SL appears profitable, so it will hopefully stick around as a virtual space and machinima platform for the time being.
Dystopia v 1.2 released.
Something absolutely massive has occurred in Eve Online. If I was studying online communities, MMOs, virtual spaces, and interactive fiction, then this is the stuff legends are made of.
Jenkins interviews Nitsche.
The Machinarium has wonderful visuals.

Machinima/Video Clips:

The history of the internet. Very informative.
The art of storyboarding.
Stop motion GTA spoof.
Second Life machinima or not?
Durham University uses the Source engine to make a fire escape simulator. Watch out for the camping snipers!
Speaking of snipers, The Sniper (iClone movie).

Digital Online Video/Cinema/Imaging:

How Jeopardy technology has changed.
Public domain hi res government movies.
NASA clips.
The New Yorker does movie marketing. At least someone makes a killing these days.
Ira Glass on storytelling (host of This American Life).
Interactive online video.
A history of stop motion. Some interesting stuff and clips from ancient animation videos.
How to shoot 3D photos.
Google Earth historical images.
Giant spiders in Liverpool.


The economics of giving it away. Matt comments on two books discussing internet production.
100 most beautiful words.
The American cargo cult.
Recommended reading list.
Comics grammar - on written word representation in comics.
Michael Cho on inking comics.

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