Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Spore - Machinima

Will Spore do for nature documentaries what The Sims did for intense dramas (or sitcoms - or political films - or whatever else was actually made in the Sims - see previous post about Sims3)? Kelland asks for machinima documentaries, will Spore deliver a bucketload with direct to YouTube capabilities? Could be a mess to sift through. I can't wait for a backlash against the game as 'teaching children evolution'. Too bad Jack Thompson won't be around to partake in the finger pointing.

Wired has lots to say:

Hands on Spore.
Gigaom has some news.
See a gallery of created creatures already made by those who are using the released Creature Creator.

Here's a videos:

I still remember a friend of mine, taking part in some nascent distributed www game, had created a planet populated by organisms that reproduced by binary division (that's exponential growth to those of you who don't know). After the population spike had reached enormous proportions, he decided to ship the resulting pollution off world, with single piloted vehicles, to distant parts of the galaxy. His opponents, the other players, were soon wiped out by the combination of pollution bombs and exploding colonists.

Here's hoping for something similar.

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