Saturday, June 21, 2008

Machinima Info Barf #12

Made two 48 Hr. Film Festival entries this year. What a blast.

Herb and Dorothy at Silverdocs is an awesome documentary and an inspiring film.

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Machinima News:

DigitalPhil asks about Gamestop's machinimercials.
NASA is sponsoring some SecondLife Machinima in the teengrid.
Freepixel asks some questions (and gets some answers).
Dr. of Machinima continues the "Machinima vs. Anymation" debate.


The Machinima festival in NY and the Montreal festival are one week apart. Is this maturation of the medium?
Dragoncon has machinima.
Nvision (see previous post).

Video Game/Virtual World News:

InSilico city is a fun Dystopian shopping mall. Too bad the stores bear the same gaudy neon lights as every other shopping mall in SL. With enough smoke and avatars, this would be straight out of Blade Runner.
Lego Designer (lifehacker).
MMORPG Tycoon lets you build games for virtual denizens?

Machinima/Video Clips:

This clip from the Onion describes the new Warcraft sequel that lets players play a player playing Warcraft. Very meta. This clip mentioned on Cinemassively is about Lagspikefilm's World of Workcraft where WoW characters play office workers (brilliantly filmed using Counterstrike's cs_office as background).
Rooster Teeth continues RvB Reconstruction, but also fires up Supreme Surrender.
The effort it took to make this giant Rube Goldberg apparatus in Gmod is either frightening or awe-inspiring.
Almost 40 minutes of Clear Skies, Half Life characters used in the Eve Online universe. Nice voice acting. Let's see more cross platform machinima (how does that change even the few rules we have on machinima usage)?
In For A Penny Part 1. Prologue. WoW B&W.
Another 40 minute machinima in Battlefield2 - The Break of Dawn (have not watched it).
The follow up to Half Life 2 Anxiety (see previous post - Nightmare).
Enter the Chameleon (more).

Digital Online Video/Cinema/Imaging:

Color management in Firefox3 (FF3 broke all of my damn extensions BTW, good job - almost as good as Ubuntu breaking on the last release).
Lost Zombies - crowdsourcing the film making experience.
The Drive-In is 75.
Early Movie Reviews.

The future of the cinema experience. (the future will be interactive).
More about 3D (why does every article cite the 3D Hannah Montana crap - as if 3D had anything to do with the success of that fad).
Snowglobe scenes - odd.
Wall.E sounds like one of the few Pixar movies I might actually want to see.
Sony on voice acting in games.
Death and taxidermy = not normal.

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