Thursday, May 22, 2008

World Of Warcraft Account Issues

Apparently a third party accessed my account (or so Blizzard alleges), and changed my account password. This is amusing since I have not played World of Warcraft in over a year. Why does Blizzard still have my account information at all? Here's some fun information regarding the access.

Please review the World of Warcraft Terms of Use ( which states in Section 6 [Security of Login Information] that "You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your Login Information, and you will be responsible for all uses of your Login Information, whether or not authorized by you."

That's funny. I'm not legally responsible for unauthorized access of my credit cards. Why should I be responsible for unauthorized access of my WoW account?

Their brilliant solution is to lock the account and request that I send in even more personal information (government issued photo identification) in order to get the account unlocked. I could care less about the account. What I'm worried about is access to the personal information in my account.

All of this from a company that actively searches active programs running on your computer when WoW is running and is trying to expand copyright definition in the courts.

I wonder if there is any legal recourse.

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