Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New Monitor

Finally got a new widescreen LCD monitor. I am having trouble calibrating it (so used to CRT monitors).

Dose anyone have any experience working with LCD monitors, as they are such different beasts, and would like to pass along any excellent tips?

I search for 'calibrate monitor' and all I get are 10 000 forum posts asking the same above question.


Ricky Grove said...

Congrats on your purchase. I've got a huge 24" Dell and couldn't be happier. Calibration is a hit and miss thing unless you purchase fairly expensive software to do it with. I basically read through the manaual, made sure my Graphics card was set up with "digital" input from the monitor and tweaked by eye. There are some sites that will help with setting black/contrast/brightness. You might find information in the reviews of your monitor at sites like They often include the specs and calibration software they use to tweak the monitor.

Heres a review of my monitor that has testing info:

man, wide screen gaming is awesome. Have fun!


bllius said...

I have the new 24" 2408 Ultrasharp. Still getting used to it.

Suhnder said...

I use that. It's probably not in any standard or anything, but it works pretty well for me.