Tuesday, October 02, 2007

TVNima - Online Machinima Application

It looks like there is yet another foray into virtual video creation. TVNima appears to be specifically designed for news broadcasting using virtual spaces. It requires the Virtools plugin (3DVIA) and allows users with simply a browser to import video, audio, images, etc. and create a virtual news broadcast. The video below shows how simple it is (cleverly using TVNima to showcase itself).

I believe there's two significant things about this.

1. This will be a web based machinima tool (although fairly limited and requiring a plugin). I believe it is the first?
2. It's narrowly focused, necessarily so, towards a single genre, that of virtual newscasting (I suppose that Gaming News with Lady Mainframe and News at Seven now have some competition). How soon will there be virtual "The View" shows spreading virally? Will there be more narrowly focused machinima platforms coming out? How virtual interactive game shows?

Be A TV Director With TVnima (online Machinima Application) - Awesome video clips here

Apparently owned by a French company, the only other example I found on YouTube is a short French videocast?

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Overman said...

Cool find. I'll be keeping an eye on this for sure.