Monday, July 02, 2007

Summer Begins

Well, not really (it started awhile ago) but why not throw out a few things to celebrate. Will be busy for the next two weeks or so.

Music video of Evanescence's My Immortal using Half Life by Ray Koefoed.

An 18 minute long machinima made in F.E.A.R. that I suppose is some sort of take on Run Lola Run in a video game by students at the Utrecht School of Arts.

Some film techniques used by Alfred Hitchcock. I really have to watch more of his films.

South Korea will start charging taxes on RMT above a certain level and require a licence at an even higher level (via Slashdot).

The report from The Metaverse Roadmap is out (via OpenTheFuture). I have not read the whole 28 pages. Maybe when I get some free time.

Talks from the recent TED conference are available.


Ross Scott said...

I've seen most of Hitchcock's movies, I recommend Rear Window and The Birds especially.

bllius said...

Alright, I added a bunch to my Netflix queue. Will have to have a Hitchcock marathon to absorb the works of the master. North by Northwest and Vertigo are also highly respected too.