Friday, June 08, 2007

Fascinating Look At Film's Influence On Picasso

From the Charlie Rose show a look at how film influenced Picasso and Braque in a show at Pace Wildenstein in NY (NYT, NYMag). Interesting how the eruption of a new form of art influenced the practitioners of an older form.

So what effect will video games and YouTube have on today's artists? If film is the ultimate art form (imo), then is there a trickle down effect to other forms? What about feedback to film? The recent incorporation of the comic book form into cinema (both in story and visually) is one example but what else is there?

Literature and film of course (both narrative forms), photography (visual), music (score). All of these have a great deal of crosstalk. But what about painting, sculpture, opera, theatre, or dance? Does art need the infusion of new ideas from new forms of expression to stay alive and 'relevant'? Obviously video games influence film today and in the case of machinima rather heavily influence both the means of production and the settings, storylines, etc. But other forms? How big can the network of art types grow to? How strong or weak are the links? Do certain forms die off or merge with others? The intersections and interstitials are where all the fun stuff happens so it is an exciting time right now in the world of cinema.

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