Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Fascinating Second Life Survey

NWN has the results of a SL user survey done by Global Market Institute. Of course a lot of it is geared towards marketing and advertising, but I found these points rather interesting (of course asking people how they will respond and then measuring their response can often lead to different numbers):
  • 27% access SL at work (what kind of job do they have?)
The number of people who want to escape, or become something else is over 40%.
  • 24% To escape real life which I am not satisfied with
  • 15% To be someone else and create my own cool avatar
  • 3% To enable me to fulfill the fantasies I can’t fulfill in real life
Many respondents indicated that their avatars gave them the opportunity to play different genders, politically orientations, races, and nationalities.

The advertisers will love these three responses:

Are you more likely to purchase/use a brand in real life that is represented in Second Life?
  • 37% Yes, definitely
  • 41% Maybe
Do you think Second Life is a good medium to promote a brand or a new product?
  • 56% Yes, definitely
  • 36% Maybe
Annual personal income
  • $36, 301 - $54, 450 - 18.79 %
  • $54, 451 - $90, 750 - 27.77 %
  • $90, 751 - $145, 200 - 20.67 %
Note: out of 10 000 respondents, only 479 had used Second Life.

A world of bright and rich young things trying to escape the real world and with the money and capabilities to do so? Growth opportunities abound.

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