Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Movie Posters

Tarantino and Rodriguez, the duo directing the upcoming explicitly B-grade Grindhouse (Planet Terror/Death Proof) have picked their favorite movie posters.

Online video doesn't have movie posters. A lost art perhaps? Perhaps something to be revived? Now all we get is an embedded YouTube link in something like 160X120 pixels with a grainy image that's supposed to entice us to click on the play button.

Maybe those links should have a digital movie poster loaded as the first image. Then after you click the link the video plays/streams. It would definitely be an interesting experiment if you could randomly show an embedded clip, half with a well designed still image, the other half without, and see how many clicks you get for each.

Online video. Clickthroughs. Hmmm...that sounds familiar. Oh yes, advertising analyses indicate people interact very well with online video ads. If your only form of distribution is an online video consider grabbing that eyeball as quickly and intensely as possible, even before the play button has been pressed.

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