Saturday, March 03, 2007

Machinima Info Barf #2

When you just can't keep up with all the news, at least pass it along so someone else can enjoy it. A collection of machinima and video-related topics in absolutely no particular order.

See Machinima Info Barf #1.

1. ESC, a student project (via Deeppony). A 4 minute video similar to the Animator vs. Animation clip.

2. Battlefield: Bad Company game trailer (via Joystiq). Amusing because the in-game characters talk back to the announcer (plus, how did they do the shaky-cam?).

3. If you like David Fincher, here's a collection of his works (via Dave and Thomas Presents). The 6-6-6 tribute collection is 6 commercials, 6 music videos and 6 movies. BTW, Zodiac opens this weekend (hope to see it today).

4. The Geico Cavemen are so successful, ABC is making a sitcom about it. Groan! How long do you think it will last?

5. GameplayHD (part of Voom) shows gameplay-related videos (via Gamezone). The Gamecaster Cybercam is interesting as it sounds like they've partnered with developers to mod the games to allow for more cinematic experiences (I don't suppose they would release that publicly?). The Battlefield 2142 Invitational is currently playing.

6. I just found out about Croquet this week (see previous post). Now there's a piece of instructional machinima? (direct QT link) showing the possibility of instructional language instruction. Very crude so far, but the possibilities for open source development are, what? endless? infinite? (via Croquet Bento).

7. The American Film Institute is hosting Pixelodeon:

from the computer screen to the big screen
the premiere online video festival

June 9-10. The Wiki is accepting ideas. Nothing in there about machinima yet.

8. Everyone's blogged about The Ballad of Black Mesa. I should point out that the director (Ronaldthecock) has some other Half-Life machinima that are particularly stylish such as Anticitizens.

9. WebTVwire and NewTeeVee have two analyses of video sharing sites. WTW by looking at Alexa ranks, and NTV from an analysis from What's the lowdown? Well, of course YouTube is the 800 pound gorilla, followed by MySpace and Google Video. There were some surprises though, such AOL video, MetaCafe, and DailyMotion. Something to consider if you want to capture as many eyeballs as possible. Now if only there was something like WithoutABox for submitting online videos.

10. The origins of machinima in Halo (direct link). Sort of an amusing video from Chairleg Productions.

11. BoingBoing had a post on WebZen, animation of classic video games done using stop motion and food?

12. DivX Film Festival is open for submissions, including animation (deadline April 30, 2007). The rules require the use of DivX Lab Tools.

13. Clipmarks is adding the ability to clip and share videos (they already do text and photos). Thus continues the deconstruction of the fabric of the net (ie. Web 2.0).

14. This made me laugh, a remake of a key scene in Pulp Fiction using text (direct link - "say what again" via Motionographer). Time-based typohgraphy?

15. Adobe is going to launch online video editing on Photobucket (via O'Reilly Radar).

16. Want audio? Search the web for sounds on FindSounds. It shows some file info (bits, hertz, and the waveform). I like this scream.

17. This video has nothing to do with machinima or games, but it does put things into perspective. It shows the scale of the smallest planet (Mercury) to the largest known star (W Cephei). Gignormous!

There, I feel better already. My apologies if any of these are repeats.


Anonymous said...

Great list. Hours of fun. And thanks for the find sound link. Love that search engine. Nice scream, too.


Overman said...

Good stuff. REALLY love the Fincher tribute, nice find!

bllius said...

Sure. You're both sound experts aren't you?
Still haven't seen Zodiac yet, maybe tonight.