Monday, March 26, 2007

Machinima - Cricket - Copyright

Caught this post on BoingBoing about a new site called Cricinfo 3D that uses virtual technology to 'broadcast' cricket matches to the world by showing virtual recreations of the matches (thereby circumventing Sky TV's copyright - the network that has broadcast rights). This is especially relevant because of the Cricket World Cup. has some legal commentary.

Is this a new way to watch sports? I welcome the ability to rewind when I want, to put the camera where I want, to analyze the game the way I want (but then again, I'm spoiled by things like HLTV for Counterstrike matches). How about ball-cams? Or net cams for basketball? Shoe cames? There is still no 'in-eyes' ability for real sports, but I suspect helmet cams will be coming soon. When you do things virtually, the skies the limit (still - cheerleaders are better in real life than virtual life).

How this all unfolds is going to be very interesting both from a technological and legal standpoint.

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