Monday, March 05, 2007

Creative Movies Director's Cut Finalists

The finalists for the Director's CUT contest at CM have been announced, six in the Counterstrike category and six in the open category. The winners are based on audience voting so here is your chance to participate American Idol-style.


Ross Scott said...

Here's my lowdown on the open category:

- Seido by Sinex: Quake 3 frag video, impressive editing, like all the frag videos in the competition

- by nylon: QuakeWorld frag video, my favorite of the frag videos, incredible camerawork in this, great music and editing. I hope this one wins if I don't.

-Winghaven Out Of The Way 2 - Expect The Unexpected by Nonix: Enemy Territory frag video. Very impressive editing, I don't play ET, but someone who does told me he's basically spawnkilling a bunch, but it's neat to watch anyway. My only complaint was that the special effects seemed a little overkill/inappropriate for a WWII-themed video, using lots of futuristic-looking effects, which didn't really seem to fit the setting.

- Civil Protection: Aliens by ME: The most impressive video I've made so far, explains the plot of HL2 for people and has more dialogue and action than the original episode. Also the only comedy video among the finalists. Go [URL=]here[/URL] for the ad-free version with motion blur!

The Longest Day by Lukasz Gwit: A drama/action using Enemy Territory. I'm a little harder on this one since I make machinima too, but in the intro they commit what I consider the cardinal sin of machinima making, and that's to have close-ups on your characters talking when their mouths don't move. Voice acting leaves room to be improved, you can see the clipping plane of the ocean, and the frag-videos in the contest spoil you for the action shown in here.

-Until The End by Matteo Guarise: Absolutely beautiful UT2004 frag video, great cinematic work overall in the intro. My main beef against it is the music, while beautiful, seems completely inappropriate for a frag video, sounding somewhat similar to Enya, but with a melancholy tone. Also, I'm a complete UT2004 junkie so I thought there was a lot more potential for impressive frag skills, but I don't think that should factor in to judging as a movie to watch/enjoy.

bllius said...

Thanks for the synopsis. I'm downloading now (yegads that's a lot of data) and will probably finish watching them all by the weekend.

GL on your film.