Wednesday, December 13, 2006

More Machinima News

A few interesting things found on the net.

1. Marino writes up a post-festival bit with some links to coverage that I had missed (here and here).
2. A write-up in on machinima. Is this an indication of how far the concept is spreading when it is getting covered in second tier sites?
3. The Grid Review is up as mentioned on It will consist of short machinima pieces from SL as a sort of news/event reporting along with interviews.
4. iCloneTV showcases iClone produced machinima.
5. Chris Burke from This Spartan Life will be producing machinima for Spike TV's Game Awards.
6. The Sundance Channel will be in SL.
7. According to Wired, there is a new tool that lets you slice and dice YouTube videos into ever finer slivers (Read: Scenemaker from Gotuit will let you share a specific scene from a YouTube or MetaCafe video).
8. There's an article on CinemaTech about how indie productions were the first to use innovative concepts in film such as sound, color, and widescreen. Will machinima show up in a future article?

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