Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Independent Games Festival Mod Nominees

So busy these days.

The mod category nominees for the Independent Games Festival have been announced. The most surprising thing, to myself at least, are the large number of FPS mods. The entire category is dominated by FPS mods, especially for games like UT 2004 and Half Life 2 with only a few non-FPS mods listed for games like Neverwinter Nights or Homeworld.

Does this mean that few non-FPS mods are ever made or that those mods were not submitted to the festival, or that they were and were not considered of sufficient quality? Considering the popularity of RTS and RPG games in particular, I suspect that it is either category 2 or 3 (not submitted or not of a high enough quality). There are no mods for popular games like GTA or Oblivion (there is one for Morrowind), and the only RTS mods are for Homeworld, Warcraft III (no recent RTS games), and one nomination for a Civ IV mod (turn-based strategy). I was also surprised to see how many mods there were for Max Payne 2, a game I thought did not do so well in terms of sales, so the fact that there are three mod nominations for the game appears to be an aberration.

It's unfortunate that Dystopia was not nominated as I think it's one of the best mods I've played for Half Life 2.

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