Saturday, September 30, 2006

Machinima Hits The Big Time!

Been away for awhile. Before I left I had watched Overman's Male Restroom Etiquette, which I thought was an amusing little piece, but nothing spectacular. It makes fun of the silly little social rules that exist in the restroom that absolutely every man knows about.

Somehow the film made it to the front page of YouTube, where it is a featured piece. Now the total views are creeping towards one million (949 335 as of right now)! That's fairly impressive for something that was only released two weeks ago and there's almost 8000 ratings and over 2000 comments.

Do the people who have seen this film consider it machinima or do they even care? Does it matter whatsoever? Should we start selling tickets? Is this the beginning of the big time for machinima, or a spurious artifact.

In other minor news:
  • There was a short article in the Telegraph on machinima (via 3DFilmMaker).
  • Bitfilm festival announces the machinima nominees.
  • GameShadow Innovation in Games Festival announces nominations for best machinima (via
  • The Machima Festival nominees should be announced shortly. Hopefully I can make it to the festival even though the piece I was working on is not finished and not submitted (bah, real life takes far too much of my time).

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