Thursday, July 13, 2006

Second Life Visits Nature

Back from a nice relaxing vacation.

I havent' seen this posted on any SL related blog, yet. It seems that Linden Lab's CTO, Cory Ondrejka, visited the office of Nature, the premiere science magazine (via Nascent, and Chark).

The posts merely roll off a set of PR checkpoints, most of which have been covered elsewhere.

What I think is interesting is that Linden Labs actually shows up at a place like Nature's offices to discuss Web 2.0 technologies and where the crazy interweb is heading. I don't see Blizzard or other game companies or even the makers of There reaching out to organizations like Nature Publishing to embrace these sorts of discussions.

The other interesting point I discovered was when I was listening to secondcast episode 25. SL is growing so fast that it is quickly becoming beyond control. With the recent changes to registration (no more credit card required) it is expected that SL will reach 1 million registrants before the end of the year. How long before SL reaches the tipping point? With Linden Labs pushing SL through a phenomenal PR machine, and the growth at 15% per month, and with the connection in-game to the world wide web, it will only be a matter of time before SL becomes the virtual MySpace.

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