Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Finding your way in Machinima

Paul Marino, who I've mentioned before, gave a presentation at the Networked Publics Conference and Media Festival at the University of Southern California. Part of his presentation included a list of 16 diverse, historical, or unique machinima films. There are some classics in the list like Apartment Hunting by the Ill Clan which came out oh so long ago (I think I first watched it about a year after it was released, along with wonders like Blahblalicious which came out around the same time). Other machinima in his list include the venerable Red vs. Blue, and a small film which some feel was a turning point in the maturation of machinima, The French Democracy.

If you're a machinima buff at all, you should have known about several of those films in the list. If not, do yourself a favor and download them now. Some are obviously not up to days standards, but then again, neither does the kinetoscope hold a candle to today's action blockbusters. Several I had never heard of and am watching them as I type this entry.

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