Thursday, November 27, 2008

Machinima Info Barf #15

Happy American Thanksgiving! (still not sure why it is such a big bloody holiday).

Begin the purification ritual!


Machinima News:

Moviestorm Sketchup importer.
Tastekid does not like machinima.
Interesting list of story ideas from M. Kelland.
The Movies Online closing.
Antics3D will no longer offer purchase or download (mentioned on this blog previously).
MachinimaExpo was great (covered here and many other places).
Machinima Film Festival was also great (also here and also many other places).
Red vs. Blue finishes the latest season with some revelations.
GTA IV video editor. Ricky has notes. Burgatory is amusing.
Massively interviews Clear Skies creator Ian Chisholm.
Mellanium talks Heritage.


Upcoming Second Life machinima conference on Nov 30, 11:00 AM.
The 48 hour machinima festival is finished, but winners not announced yet? Things You Need is an example.
The Steampunk challenge is a CG contest with some serious prize money.
Siggraph 2009 real time rendering category.
Aniboom submissions almost done.
Interactive 3D film festival. Webpage.
Motion graphics festival submission deadline is quickly approaching.
The Escapist film festival winners.
Interactive fiction competition.
The Hollywood Music Awards includes a video game category.

Video Game/Virtual World News:

BoingBoing has a new site, Offworld, for videogame related news:
Ben Marra's ViceCity art.
Why does Valve constantly mention how much it spent on advertising and marketing for Left 4 Dead? Because dollar value make news copy. Just check out the weekend box office news in movies. News? No, bloody free advertising.
Someone did not like the game. Increasing discussion of procedural content though.
Covers abandonware. Video game archive on Gamasutra.
The 11th annual Independent Games Festival nominees.
Koinups top ten Second Life locales this week.
Mindfuse announces casual steampunk MMO.
QWOP is a twisted game. Mimic underfunded athletes from third world countries at the Olympics.
The Mirror's Edge looks interesting. Watch out for proprioception.
Aftershock game is disaster preparedness. Pandemic simulation.
Humorous video game covers.
I wanted to talk about some of the scenes in Call of Duty 4 but have not had the time. This article discusses some of them including what I think is one of the most disturbing moments in a video game ever. Half cinematic, half interactive hell.
Google's Lively closes shop.
Eve online continues the innovation.
Auditorium is a fun little visual/music game.

Machinima/Video Clips:

More augmented reality (Papervision). See my augmentation. Tabletop RPS will never be the same.
Iran is a nation of bloggers.
Top biology videos. Watch the cyborg monkey and the evolution one back to back.
Left 4 Bed. You knew it would not be long before someone cranked this out.
The Large Hadron Collider in Second Life. Before all the helium escaped. See Atlas detector. More.
If movies had cell phones. End of story.
The Shard, London.
Ramayana, Indian animation.
Creative Commons - A Shared Culture.
Unfinished Swan - Tech Demo. Odd video game? I love the concept. Splatter your blind way through the maze.
Below The Deck. Skater inspired short clip.
Some unseen scary movies.
The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morello. I like the style.
Mediafreaks showreel.
Burning barrel steampunk race in Second Life.
Pixar's Lifted.
Short animated clip Greed.
Dreamworks upcoming Monsters vs. Aliens.
Bruce Sterling rant.
The future of food. Sim City-like Japanese clip.
You suck at Photoshop finishes with a surprise ending.
Video game documentaries.
Neil Gaiman's Coraline looks interesting. Hopefully better than MirrorMask.
I like this architectural video (direct link.
The Jesus vs. Hitler machinima is certainly getting the view count and the comments.
I like this Hallowe'enish animation.
Ants make cities more complicated than any old European village.
I like this Google Docs time lapse animation. Sort of like the Excel 3D visualization I have mentioned before.
You have seen Robbie Dingo's remake of Van Gogh's Starry Night. Now see the texture in Counterstrike?
You've seen the 1K project in Trackmania. Now see the Team Fortress 2 version.

Digital Online Video/Cinema/Imaging:

Criterion launches online store. Five bucks gets you a digital view for a week plus five dollars off the disc if you want to purchase it.
Processing v1.0 is released. More.
FindingMyWay - Donglu.
DSLR tips.
CG sky textures.
Search Flickr with a color picker.
I like the design of this Euro coin.
Extreme resolution at the Yosemite Extreme Panoramic Imaging Project.
Vimeo's blender animation channel.
Hypermedia's Everyscape 3D panoramic city explorer.
More mapping.
YouTube will show major studio films.
Classic Star Wars set on Flickr. And also. Storyboards.
Tales of the Unexpected - Roald Dahl, Tim Burton, Helena Bonham Carter, Vogue UK, and fashion.
GuerillaCG projects teaches fundamentals about computer graphics.
Photos from Hiroshima. Lost photos from the war, but also some historical context.
Reconstructed architecture.
G-speak = Minority report.
Google will host the Life Photo Archive. Wow. There's photos from the 1860s!
European film treasures. See the 1899 Scottish Highlanders. Or this 1918 health animation.
Download the Bitfilm collection.
Monty Python enters YouTube.
Tilt shift vids.
Codecs vs. containers. This type of information will become irrelevant within 5 years time.
This fictional device video is amusing.
Hubble spectaculars.


On why CNN struggles to cover the economic crisis. Bottom line, the story is complex and feeding anything more than a black and white good vs. evil story to the masses is too much work. Why do these people get paid?
When gamers rule the world. Too bad you only get one quarter.
The Atlas of Cyberspace. Download it.
Many Blender sculpting tutorials.
Blender manuals.
Blender tutorials.
Lifehacker has 46 free software applications.
How soon before a David Foster Wallace biopic wins an academy award.
Synfig 2D animation application.
3D printing.
Futurama's new DVD is out.
Ebert crucifies Scorsese. Ouch.
The problem with digital is it decays due to hardware.
Pixeltale studios has a set of Render Out PDFs (magazine). Nice images, but only in Spanish and I cannot find a localized version.
This Bordwell post is fantastic.
Film reference encyclopedia.
Forget the fireside chat. The President Elect Barack Obama is posting YouTube videos. Can't wait for this twitter and blog.
Reality theater? Bunker thespians. People sure are odd.
Interactive animation budgets graph. It would be nice to be able to explore this for ALL animations.
The art of the movie poster. Great gift idea.
Google sketchup v7 is out.
Open source socially networked animation moviemaking.
MIT Center for Future Storytelling. As opposed to the Center for Storytelling From The Future.
The Jonestown massacre is fairly chilling.
Inspired 3D Short Film Production book.
Arrested Development film. One of the most overlooked comedic genius series ever.
Inventing the movies Google talk.
The New York Times talks about becoming screen literate. When do you need to become virtual world literature?
Gadgets galore. Save yourself some money and go plant some trees instead.
Academy Award animation nominees.


Ricky Grove said...

Your killing me with these info barfs. I have no time to run around the internet looking/reading cool articles and vids. Damn you to hell.

Another wonderful, varied collection of fun.


bllius said...

Lol. It's not like it has an expiry date.

Linn Søvig said...

Yeah - I got the same reaction as Ricky! I was just about to shut-down and thought I'd stop by to see if you had any new thoughts.

By golly! It'll probably take me the whole week to get through this! Good collection to Barf skills, though!