Friday, August 29, 2008

Machinima Info Barf #13

Unlucky #13.

Away for another week. Feast on this generous helping of http. If you can eat it all in one sitting, it's free!

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Machinima News:

Some preproduction thoughts on machinima creation.
Full length machinima in SL.
Antics v 4 brings shadows (but beware, home version takes away Sketchup import).
Brief article on machinima.
Machinima will be at Siggraph 2009.
Hugh Hancock steps down from AMAS.


Dell is having a WoW machinima contest.
From Here To Awesome Film Festival.
Machinima Expo and Machinima Festival (many other posts on this).
Aniboom announces Radiohead winners and throws in extra money.
Koinup announces Day in Your Life contest winners.
Nvision diary at CGSociety.

Video Game/Virtual World News:

3D Image Display in Second Life.
Halo corpse alphabet gallery.
Mirror's edge looks interesting. SD trailer.
Valve discusses alpine art for TF2 (nice pics).
The impact the Lord of the Rings has had on game trailers is kind of maddening:
Warhammer cinematic.
World of Warcraft: Lair of the Lich King.
Dawn of War II.
Enough already!

Machinima/Video Clips:

NewTeeVee Pier Screenings (some animation clips). Machinima clips.
Worlds Will Shatter - Unfold trailer (open source movie trailer).
You Suck at Photoshop Season #2 is starting (The Rise of Ronnie).
This wooden machine is remarkably bizarre.
Cut-out animation in Blender.
Blender futuristic city info and clip.
Chainsaw Maid is disturbing.
Oil Addiction.
Draplin vs. USA - America is Fucked (hilarious graphical rage).
Duelity sounds interesting (haven't watched it yet).
Stonehenge digital clock.
Ray Bradbury's story There Will Come Soft Rains animation by Uzbekifilm.
Lighthouse (and the making of).
Animation Mentor showcase.
Valve's Meet the Sandvich (twisted).
SL anime trailer X Genesis.
Edgar Allen Poe's Telltale Heart.
Cool commercials by movie directors.
The Red Suitcase.

Digital Online Video/Cinema/Imaging:

Free Culture TV is open.
Night Vision. Cool images shot at night.
Some Sci-Fi shows coming soon.
Motion Comics.
LivePlace photorealistic 3D imagery. Rendered remotely. In real time.
I talked about GoAnimate, there's also Animasher.
Pendulum Alter Ego face animation.
Using photos to enhance video.
Top 10 YouTube hacks.
Ebert says no to 3D.
Photosynth is awesome. Vimeo demonstration clip.
Lifelike animation. Bowling through the uncanny valley by cheating.
The new RED camera (from the guy who created Oakley sunglasses) 120 FPS shot of skater.
Perceptive Pixel.
More slow mo music video - They Live by Catching Up.


Official Blender Guide at Google Books.
Pixar goes Up. And Up.
Angry Youth Comix Dolls.
Top 25 documentaries.
Top ten online resources for documentarians.
Blender used in history of computer kiosk.
Masters of Sci-Fi DVD.
Box Office Receipts Infographics. Done differently.
Marvel at the LHC. Fear the proton!
CGSociet has oodles of Siggraph coverage. More coverage mentioned on Overcast.
Enormous scale model of Shangai.
How to make non linear reactive stories.
Mark Powell sculptures.
Mad magazine ads (satire is beautiful).
The parallel universe film guide about movies that do not exist in our universe.
Game narrative manifesto.
Recreation of famous photos in Lego (Lego is the digital of the analog world).
EncyclopediaPro for film.
3D printing demo vid at Siggraph.
City engine from Siggraph.
How to draw anything in one step. Cover it with a dog!
Animation timeline.

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Ricky Grove said...

You've outdone yourself with this infobarf: best yet. Too many excellent links to single out, however the Siggraph stuff is interesting. I did an interview with the 3d printing guy (Shapeways) which I'll be posting soon.

Thanks for making all of this wonderful info available in one post. You are the best.